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As you can see I now have my own page to tell you all about my exploits, news, views and sales………

Well here is the latest edition of my newsletter from July – Sept 2019

Morris's the Main Committee

Fun Facts

Likes : Paul

Dislikes : Spiders

Fun Facts

Likes: Webleys

Dislikes: Deceptacons

Membership and Treasurer
Fun Facts

Likes: Liverpool FC

Dislikes: 4th Place

Match Secretary
Fun Facts

Likes: Electric Guitars

Dislikes: Cornbeef tins

We have a selection of merchandise at Redhill Revolvers, which is available to purchase upon request

  • Hat – £12.00
  • Polo Shirt – £15.00   (Various Sizes /Colours)
  • Safety Glasses – £2.50
  • Flashlight – £4.00
  • Pocket Knife – £4.00
  • Badge – £3.50
  • Pen – £1.00

2019 Membership

For existing members who wish to re-join the club for 2019 then Membership forms can be found here
This need to be filled in, dated and signed  – particularly Section 21 – and returned to the Membership Secretary by latest Monday 28th January 2019.  After this date the membership will cease and all scores will be removed from the Redhill Revolvers leagues.
Membership fees can be paid in cash or cheques payable to “Redhill Revolvers Field Pistol Club”.
Fee’s for 2019 are
  • Adults £25.00
  • Senior Citizens £20
  • Juniors £5
  • Couples £40.00